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Likang Acid
25kg per bag
likang products
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Likang Acid----Feed Compound Acidifier
* The ingredient is designed according to young animals’ digestive physiology.
* Stable compound acidifier with wider applying range and better biological capability than simple acidifier.
* Quickly decrease feed pH with a few doses and obviously decrease feed cost with low price.
Series of Product and Main Components:
Main Components
phosphate acid、lactic acid、lemon acid、fumaric acid、carrier
Phosphate acid as main component
lactic acid、lemon acid、fumaric acid、phosphate acid、carrier
Organic acid reach to more than 20%
Lactic acid、lemon acid、fumaric acid、phosphate acid、particle material
More effective with releasing by controlled speed.
Main effects:
* Adjust pH in animal’s alimentary canal, increase the activity of pepsin and other digestive enzymes, promote protein absorb, thus increase feed utilization and decrease & prevent nutrient disease.
* Decrease pH in animal’s alimentary canal, hold down pathogenic bacteria especially such as E. coli and Simon to proliferate, adjust the microflora environment, thus prevent bacteria disease.
* Naturally acidulous to adjust feed savor, promote appetite and decrease shock action.
* Promote calcium and phosphorus to absorb and ameliorate the growth of bone and the quality of meat with more than 15% effective phosphorus.
* take part in the metabolism and increase the digestion of nutrient with much organic acid in it.
Applying Object:
Used in the diet of young animals such as piglet and poultry,
Dosage ( per ton of complete feed):
Porket before weaning: 1.0-1.5kg     Porkling after weaning: 0.8-1.2kg
Poultry: 0.5-1.0kg
* Premix firstly, then evenly mix with batch feed.
* Although the product has no powder, but it can impair skin, so please wear rubber glove when you use.
Package and Shelf Life:
Packed with polyester bag made with paper & plastics, 20kg per bag.
Shelf Life: 12 months.
After-sale Service:
Sincerely provide the technological service related to our products by the professionals.
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