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HC-3 Hall sensor
huigaoxin priducts
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HC hall effect sensor instructions
1.      Purpose, function and characteristics
HC hall sensors used in automobile non-contact ignition system.
When the car engine work, HC hall effect, can real-time sensor to the ignition controller with engine crank Angle, the output signal is special relationship in the ignition.
Using HC hall effect sensor car ignition system, eliminating the original "platinum" contact shortcomings, and can increase ignition energy, and work reliable in oil and dirt, high temperature, harsh environment.
2.      Principle
HC hall effect sensor, using hall effect integrated circuits, inductive magnetic field changes,and change the mechanical motion into electrical signals, and output by amplifying plastic.
3.      Use conditions
The power supply voltage  4.5~24V        
Environmental temperature  —40~125℃
Relative humidity   95±3%(55±2℃)
Vibration    frequency   5~60Hz
          amplitude   ±0.5 mm
          frequency    60~200Hz
          acceleration    15 g
4.    Main parameters
The power supply voltage 24V,and away from magnetic field, its power consumptive is not more than eight mA.
Fan-out pour in current I = 10mA, output low level is not more than 0.4 V.
The power supply voltage 16V,and away from magnetic field, fan-out leakage current is not more than 100μA.
The power supply voltage 6V, and be in magnetic field, fan-out leakage current is not more than 30μA.
In the use of continuous operation condition, it can work more than 8 h.
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